Range Rover P38

Designed under the code name of 38A and the final styling being the Pegasus scheme the P38a was born.

More commonly known and loved as the P38, it was in a class of its own from the start. They were in production from 1994 – 2002.
There were 4.0 V8, 4.6 V8 and 2.5 turbo diesel versions. There are two versions of each engine and gearboxes used through the life of the car. The engines, electronics and gearboxes went through a dramatic overhaul in late 1999.

If you were thinking of buying a P38 and dont know what to look out for we can help. The most common mistakes are with the Autobiography and Vogue versions of the car. Just because the car has a sticker on it and maybe some wood or other such upgrade in the car doesnt make it so. Autobiography’s carry a very special contract plate under the bonnet, either near or on the slam panel – dependent on age. If the car doesnt have one, then it isnt an Autobiography. The vogue is also a very special beast, two options were made. One with navigation and one without. Both versions of the Vogue have pluses, but as they were only made after 1999 they tend to have the more reliable engines/gearboxes are as a result are very sought after. The one thing that neither the Autobiography or the Vogue is, is a diesel – they never made one. There are no exceptions!!

What we do:
The P38 is where it all started for us and therefore they will always be special. These were the beasts that started the business and our speciality. We carry a huge amount of stock for these cars from small ecu’s, switches, trim and interior right up to the rare Autobiography and Vogue upgrade parts. We are also happy to help with any queries you may have. Wether you have a standard car or one of the more unusual cars like the Autobiography, Carins 50, Holland & Holland or Linley we can help.