Range Rover Sport (L320)


The L320 or Sport as it is more commonly known was first produced in 2005, although it did make its first appearance in 2004 under the concept car guise “Range Stormer”. Smaller and cheaper than its big brother it made the brand more accessible to the masses.

Originally launched with 3 engine sizes; a 2.7 TDv6, a 4.4 V8 and a 4.2 V8 Supercharged. The TDv6 engine was shared with the Discovery 3 and both the V8 engines with the L322. Some ecu’s were also shared between the various cars. Later into the run the engines were uprated to a 3.0 TDv6, a 3.6 TDv8 and a 5.0 V8 Supercharged.

The interior and styling are very different from the L322 and as such share no panels, lights or trim. The car under went an overhaul in 2009 with new engines being added and again in 2013. This car has been very popular as it has proved to be very easy for customers to add and change the look of their car with minimum fuss or great expense.

We have only just broken into the world of the Sport and as such they are still quite new to us. We dont have as much stock for these as the we do for the other types of Range Rovers, but it is growing every day, as is our knowledge of these gorgeous cars.